Portable Vehicle Hoists

Complete Underbody Access for Fast, Safe and Efficient Maintenance

Endurequip’s signature portable heavy vehicle hoists, PORTALIFT, are the go-to solution for all of your transport maintenance needs. Our products are durable, quality-made, and above all, safe.

Whether you are working with rail, truck, bus, military or special vehicles, our flexible systems are your answer. Portalift hoists use a unique continuous RUD chain drive system which allows them to safely work with weights up to 60 tonnes. By combining posts, Portalift systems can lift a total capacity of 120 tonnes!

High Quality

Portalift Heavy Vehicle hoists are built to work for you. Our products are made from the highest quality materials. With a structural design life of 25 years, you can count on Portalift. Each system is completely rustproof and water resistant. This means that no matter where your work takes you, we have you covered. And our unique RUD calibrated chain drive promises less maintenance, less wear and greater safety.


Why make things harder than they need to be? Portalift hoists are designed to make your life easier. Each system can be operated by a single technician. The compact structure can be quickly moved to any location with no installation. Our clear control panels let you configure your setup exactly how you need it. And because our systems are electric rather than electronic, you don’t need a specialist to understand it. Because that just makes sense.

Yet Advanced

Being simple doesn’t have to mean you lack in cutting edge engineering. Portalift systems have the latest in design features, including Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) chip installation. Never lose track of your service records or operation manuals again.


Above all, Portalift keeps your team safe. All of our heavy vehicle hoists come equipped with a constant safety system which is independent of the drive system. They have emergency stop options, a keyed safety lock and meet with all Australian and New Zealand safety standards. And our duel control options, both “on post” and remote, give you the choice of where you want to be, safely.


But we know you are unique. If our standard model Portalift hoists don’t get your job done, we will custom design one to fit your needs. Choose from options such as specialised lifting and rotating units, customised lifting cradles or special adaptors for lifting wide bodied vehicles and freight cars.

All of our products are entirely Australian made. They come with a Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty and ongoing local service and support. So let Endurequip do the heavy lifting for you.

Lifting system Electro Mechanical
Lifting capacity per hoist 7.5 tonnes
Maximum lifting capacity – Set of 4 hoists 30 tonnes
Maximum lifting capacity – Set of 6 hoists 45 tonnes45 tonnes
Maximum lifting capacity – Set of 8 hoists60 tonnes
Maximum lifting height 1600 mm
Lifting/lowering time 2 minutes 25 seconds
Tyre pressure 172 kPa
Tyre size and type 4.80/400 8 4 ply rating pneumatic
Duty cycle 1100%
Wheel fork capacity All current bus, coach and truck tyres in general use
Small wheel adapters 575 mm to 775 mm
Special application wheel adaptors Low profile tyres
Levelling screw size 24 mm x 90 mm
Column length, including steering wheel 1390 mm
Column width1072 mm
Column height 2480 mm

I value the simplicity of design and ease of maintenance. Unlike other complicated electronic hoists on the market, the Portalift hoist are simple to service, with spare parts easy to get. This is important when you need your hoists to keep operating with minimum disruption.

Portalift hoists are an asset to any workshop, heavy duty and reliable.

Dan Cross

DN Cross Transport

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