Portable Rail Hoists

Portable Lifting systems for Heavy Rail, Light Rail and Rolling Stock

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Portalift Mobile Rail Hoists offer an economical and flexible solution to all your workshop servicing and maintenance requirements.

Engineered and manufactured in Australia using the highest quality materials Portalift is your guarantee of many years of dependence service.

  • Standard Range or custom built.  Portalifts come in standard lifting capacities of 10,20 or 30 Tonne per post- a total lifting capacity of 40,80 or 120 tonne.
  • Recirculating Ball Technology. Portalift’s recirculating ball lifting system is virtually friction-free. With a mechanical efficiency of around 95%, it provides the ultimate in smooth reliable lifting performance year after year.
  • Maximum Safety. Every Portalift comes with a range of key safety features to ensure operator well-being and efficiency of operation.The system uses hoist mounted control cabinets and remote pendants to provide the operator with the maximum flexibility and control.
  • Fully mobile one person operation. Portlifts have been designed with the operator in mind and are highly manoevrable and can be easily positioned by one operator.

Weight: 140kg

Lifting Capacity: 18 tonnes

Colour: Green