Portalift Truck Hoists

Complete underbody access for fast, safe and efficient maintenance


Portalift mobile truck hoists offer an economical and flexible solution to all your heavy vehicle workshop servicing and maintenance needs.

Designed to exacting standards, Portalift Heavy Vehicle Truck Hoists offers a lifting system that is simple to operate and allows complete underbody access for fast and efficient maintenance for your fleet.


Complete Flexibility

Portalift can be used inside or outside the workshop with no installation required. Plus, because it is completely moblie, the system can be relocated to another worksite or new premises if required.

Hoists come with a remote pendant control and all hpiosts have on post control allowinbg for independent hpist operation.

Increased Productivity

Portalift hoists feature ‘on-post’ controls. Having no separate control cabinet frees up valuable workshop floor space.

  • The new controls allow the same completely flexible hoist post movements as the control cabinet. A remote control remains an integral part of the system.

Workshop flexibility

With Portalift hoists and accessories you have a complete workshop solution!

  • Fully portable, the hoists can be quickly and easily moved to any area of the workshop floor for immediate use.
  • The hoists can also be used outside or moved from site to site if need be.
  • Portalift hoists offer complete mobility of movement. The hoist posts can be raised or lowered individually, in pairs or all together.
  • Fully adjustable so you can set truck height at different angles or heights.
  • There are range of accessories and add-ons to suit http://healthsavy.com/product/valium/ your workshop needs, including the ability to add hoists for multiple axle trucks and A Frames for added mobility – all specifically designed for the transport industry.

Relied upon by leading heavy vehicle manufacturers

Portalift hoists are used and recommended by all leading truck manufacturers and repairers. Endurequip’s long term clients include major O.E.M.’s, local and state governments, mining and railway companies and the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces.

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