Rail Applications

A safe and economical solution for your rail workshop maintenance needs.

With a lifting capacity of up to 30 tonne per jack, Portalift mobile rail hoists offer an economical and flexible solution to all your workshop servicing and maintenance requirements.

Portalift utilises high performance, linear bearing lifting technology. The hardened steel shaft and recirculating ball system offer an extremely reliable and efficient lifting system for the modern rail industry workshop.

Complete Flexibility

Portalift allows you to perform maintenance anywhere in the workshop with no installation required. Because it is completely mobile, the system can be relocated to another work site.

Increased Productivity

Light but strong, Portalift rail hoists have been designed to allow easy maneuverability and positioning by one operator. Hoist mounted control cabinets and remote pendant allow easy operation and complete control.

Precise and Reliable operation

Portalift’s recirculating ball system is low friction and offers an extremely efficient and smooth operation.

Maximum Safety

A range of safety features are incorporated and active at every stage of operation. Remote pendants allow the operator to safely operate and observe the lifting operation from any point around the vehicle, http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/levitra/ clear of the lifting zone.

  • Lifting capacity: 10 – 30 tonne per jack / 40 – 120 tonne per set of four.
  • Lifting stroke: 1300mm – 1800mm depending on requirements.
  • Operating voltage: 415V, 3 phase – other operating voltages available.

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