Bus Hoists

A lifting system that is simple to operate and allows complete underbody access

Portalift mobile hoists offer a safe, economical and mobile fleet management solution

As Public transport needs change and public transit vehicle requirements increase, safety and easy maintenance become more and more important,  to keep the public, your team and your workshop safe.

Designed to exceed these exacting standards, Portalift offers a lifting system that is simple to operate and allows complete underbody access for fast, efficient and safe maintenance of your fleet.

Complete Flexibility

Portalift can be used inside or outside the workshop with no installation required. And because it is completely moblie, the system can be relocated to another worksite or new premises if required.

Low maintenance

Portalift’s unique chain drive means less wear and tear.  The lack of  complicated electronic circuitry, matched with off-the-shelf components mean reliable, trouble free operation and lower, ongoing fleet management costs.

Increased Productivity

With a simple one-man operation. Portalift’s lifting system can adjust the height of the vehicle for worker comfort and safety. Unrestricted underbody access gives quicker turnaround for increased productivity.

Maximum Safety

Safety features are included at every stage of Portalift’s operation. The mobile controller gives the operator complete lifting control away from the lifting zone. A remote http://premier-pharmacy.com pendant allows the lifting zone. A remote pendant allows the operator to safely inspect the lifting operation from any point around the vehicle.

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