Authorised Repairers

Providing local service and expertise to help you maintain your Hoists

Local support and expert maintenance to keep your investment up and running.

Local support and infrastructure is provided nation-wide to manufacture, commission and service your Endurequip Hoist.

  • Endurequip Hoists Pty Ltd is the only Australian heavy vehicle hoist manufacturer and our production facility is located in Brisbane, QLD with a further branch located in Perth, WA.
  • All components and spare parts are kept at all times. You can contact us directly Monday to Friday 7am-5pm or with the authorised service agent, Endurequip Services 24 hours/7 days for full ongoing support or maintenance callouts.
  • All installers are factory trained at our production facility.
  • We have a dedicated logistics team to manage delivery to your site, wherever you are.
  • Endurequip Hoists are the cheapest hoists on the market to maintain. Annual service requirement and all general maintenance can be performed in house by a competent person.- we can show you how!

To support our high standard of service, our Authorised repairers will work with you to ensure the safe and regular maintenance of your Endurequip hoists. Search for a repairer closest to you.


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